Hi, my name is Mallory Farrow.

Photo captured by  Michael Amico

Photo captured by Michael Amico


Comedy is my medicine.

Life is a constant balance of navigating mentally, emotionally, and/or physically through both the good and the bad; through what is easy and what is difficult; through what is functioning and what is malfunctioning; and how the combination of these elements create the journey.


Whether our momentary reality is challenging or in constant flux, life is always producing beautiful content all around us. We just have to focus in on it.


I have a constant desire to evolve and contribute to this life, whether this evolution and contribution takes place within myself, in my community, or on this website and the future of Malfunction Productions. I am always a work in progress. I invite you to come along with me on the journey. This is only the beginning. Unless, I die. Then in actuality, this is the end.

I essentially created Malfunction Productions to offer entertainment through my lens. As Malfunction Productions evolves, so will its services. For now, visit here for all of my creative content, production, and comedy show updates.